Padel tactics: How close should players play from the net?

  In multiple occasions, when defending players manage to move their rivals towards the back of the court, they tend to get closer to the net in order to gain a better attacking position and control over the court. The key question is at what distance should we place ourselves from the net when attacking? […]

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Padel tips: christmas special for gamechangers

    1.Padel is a sport, and as such you should think not only on the time you devote to matches and training, but also warm up and stretching time before and after the big rounds.  Simply save 15 minutes before and after the session. Adding this time to your routine will avoid medium-term injuries. 2. […]

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#MackFriday on the lookout

It´s here. Our online version of #black Friday suited in the #gamechangers style: #MackFriday. Starting Thursday, November 23 at 0.00 hours until Sunday, November 26 12.00pm our three designer padel racquets will be sold with 40% discount through our online store:  A one-use code: #MackFriday will allow padel fans to purchase their Toxic, Stamina and Stärke […]

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The Padel Trainer coaching ethos

Coaching is the word of the month down in our court.  While we couldn´t be having a more intense experience down here in Portugal this week leading Sweden into the European padel championship and prepare to host our very own padel instructor course later this month we kind of narrowed down what we believe coaching […]

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Face the Padel Fear: when you can´t blame your partner

Three elements lead the path to padel fear.  How do they add up in padel performance?  The not-so freaky post by Padel Trainer´s crew that tackles padelers greatest fear: can´t blame your partner for whatever the outcome is. When the result of your ill sportsmanship: whether technical, physical, tactical is the final outcome and there […]

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Cues for improved padel reaction speed

  When climbing the ladder of padel performance balls do fly at a much faster rate.  It is so much difficult to anticipate in padel than in any other sport, given the simple fact that there are two of you anticipating at the same time.  While coordination and communication is a must  (six clues to […]

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