When it´s time to have that real Padel Lesson

A post for beginner padel players Have you been bitten by the padel bug? And you think that watching videos from your comfy sofa is good enough to prepare you for that Sunday match with your friends.  This post is for you then.  Just a three minute read. Nothing much to lose, but a lot […]

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The padel mind game: soft skills become the basics of motivation

Does thinking affect performance in training and competition?  Positively yes, YES.  Although sports psychology often focuses on teaching practical skills to enable athletes to develop their mental abilities to the same extent their physical abilities are sharpened, we happen to know the mental skills are founded on basic soft skills.  We elaborate on these today, […]

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Padel Trainer´s Helsingborg padel weekend: spotting gamechangers

  One more time! Here we go Helsingborg, ready for Mack?  Daniel Dios and Gabo Loredo, Padel Trainer´s head and resident Coach respectively will spend the next weekend delivering padel goodness in Helsingborg, Sweden.  Next Friday August 18 Padel Crew will host training sessions by our two heads while following Saturday and Sunday will be devoted […]

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Padel club management: engaging padel for ROI streams

  Padel is rising sensation throughout Europe. Not quite squash, somehow close to tennis, padel combines the best elements of racket sports adding its own twist through its social closeness. A soft learning curve allows the sport to reach a wide scope of the population regardless of weather conditions. From frosty Sweden to sunny Mediterranean, […]

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Made for each other?: Choosing your perfect padel partner

Choosing your perfect padel partner Already geared up into padel, lessons taken, and you have the honest gut feeling you are absolutely ready to pen your name on the list of your club´s tournament. Next question is who to play with. Sorting out a good padel partner is an exercise on its own. Here we […]

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