Padel tips: christmas special for gamechangers

    1.Padel is a sport, and as such you should think not only on the time you devote to matches and training, but also warm up and stretching time before and after the big rounds.  Simply save 15 minutes before and after the session. Adding this time to your routine will avoid medium-term injuries. 2. […]

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Cues for improved padel reaction speed

  When climbing the ladder of padel performance balls do fly at a much faster rate.  It is so much difficult to anticipate in padel than in any other sport, given the simple fact that there are two of you anticipating at the same time.  While coordination and communication is a must  (six clues to […]

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The padel mind game: soft skills become the basics of motivation

Does thinking affect performance in training and competition?  Positively yes, YES.  Although sports psychology often focuses on teaching practical skills to enable athletes to develop their mental abilities to the same extent their physical abilities are sharpened, we happen to know the mental skills are founded on basic soft skills.  We elaborate on these today, […]

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