Reap the benefits of padel concentration. Geared towards coaches, intermediate and advanced players Padel Trainer´s signature clinics will boost your club members performance, commitment and lift your padel spirit all the way up. In broad terms a Clinic offers specific instruction for a variety of skill levels and ages.  What makes this an incredibly flexible product is that the clinic is designed by Padel Trainer and the Club or Federation that hosts it.  From junior coaching to high-level competition, we are able to fit needs and performance expectations for almost every player, at any age required.

Needs vary among clubs and federations.  In countries where padel is sprout a clinic serves as bonding instrument between local, regional and national coaches.  It is important to make sure technical and tactical criteria are known and shared, not because a Professional player says so, but because instructors and coaches do have sound based reasoning of what is right for the sport and apply this knowledge to each type of player. Providing that sound reasoning translates to hands on practice, and that is what we deliver at each clinic we perform.

We learn when we feel our best.  When there is a positive emotion associated to the muscular memory worked under our guided training there is a greater chance to enhance performance. A clinic is a pure form of padel concentration carefully delivered among 2 and a half days.

We want this event to set a standard in your area. Hosting a clinic sends out a clear message to your community. You are willing to give so much more than fill the courts taking a step forward to improve players performance. That´s where we come in. To help you in that effort.

Enclosed you will find detailed information on abroad clinics and trainings.  Do contact us at your earliest convenience to make sure we have the time your club deserves and deliver exactly what you need. Download the brochure here.