The Padel Trainer coaching ethos

Coaching is the word of the month down in our court.  While we couldn´t be having a more intense experience down here in Portugal this week leading Sweden into the European padel championship and prepare to host our very own padel instructor course later this month we kind of narrowed down what we believe coaching […]

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Face the Padel Fear: when you can´t blame your partner

Three elements lead the path to padel fear.  How do they add up in padel performance?  The not-so freaky post by Padel Trainer´s crew that tackles padelers greatest fear: can´t blame your partner for whatever the outcome is. When the result of your ill sportsmanship: whether technical, physical, tactical is the final outcome and there […]

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When it´s time to have that real Padel Lesson

A post for beginner padel players Have you been bitten by the padel bug? And you think that watching videos from your comfy sofa is good enough to prepare you for that Sunday match with your friends.  This post is for you then.  Just a three minute read. Nothing much to lose, but a lot […]

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