Our team travels worldwide providing tailor made clinics. We deliver training plans based on technique, tactics, strategy and mental strength.
Our best seller? 20 hour weekend training package.
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Daniel Dios

Gabo Loredo

Weather in Marbella or abroad our expert team of coaches will attend any venue you wish for. Designing padel experiences for coaches, trainees and teams of every skill and age is what we love to do. Within Spain venues need to fulfill at least 15 hours of training distributed through out 2 and a half or three days minimum. Travel expenses need to be covered by the contracting party (travel fees, transfers, diets and housing)

Padel Clinics
502 hours/per person
  • Minimum 3 padel players / Maximum 4 padel players
Padel Clinics
1502 hours session
  • Total w/3 players
Padel Clinics
2002 hours session
  • Total w/4 players

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