Education in the 21st century is challenged.  By inquisitive parenting, restless educators thriving to overcome the shortages of an outdated educational system across the globe and the irruption of technology in teaching and learning.

Wide and far innovative pedagogy calls for holistic approaches that acknowledge the self, the group, and call for a purposeful understanding of healthy relationships and connections to enable a purposeful life.

The pursuit of lifelong learning can be modeled through sports and experienced first hand by padel.  The junior padel coaching program designed by Padel Trainer seeks to improve academic, social and sporting outcomes, all in one targeted and assessed program delivered throughout one full school year.

Designed by our head coaches in company with certified pedagogists specialized in innovative curriculum programming.




Key principles and values come across our active program. Beyond PE, teachers, and department heads take part in it.  A specifically designed rubric will let students, parents and teachers alike catch the depth of the performance of our middle school and junior students.

Targeted to schools and educational institutions, in general, the scope and ambition of the junior padel coaching program are to serve as a legacy of the Padel Trainer knowhow to Marbella and padel.

As parents and educators, as well as padel advocates we strongly believe the building blocks of the sport we love are the same ones that lead up to lifelong learning.  Download here our informative PDF to learn how this program is designed and contact us to make padel an added commodity for your community.

The Padel Trainer team