Padel players are athletes.  As such, padelers who commit to high-level competition benefit not only of our technical tactical, mind and fitness training.  These athletes require smart management which means sponsoring beyond the patches on the shirts. That´s what we provide for women and men who are passionate, promising and excellent padel players.

PadelTrainer is committed to engaging through customized marketing partnerships potential sponsors and focused hard working players who aim for top competition circuits.  Engaging in positive marketing partnerships in which sponsors and sponsees are able to meet their marketing objectives through positive medium and long term  alliances, rather than on budget constraints.  Our athletes are able to deliver and be an active part of team-building activities and networkings.  They are young professionals willing and ready to add value to your services and products.  Our marketing team will be happy to work jointly with you to design innovative events and means in which to engage a growing audience of padel enthusiasts into your lead building streams.

PadelTrainer through its base camp at Real Club de Padel Marbella offers the opportunity to engage potential sponsors into the world of active padel players and their lifestyle to their qualified lead streams. Not only incoming visitors and benefactors of services provided by PadelTrainer at local level become an opportunity for brand awareness and recognition.  Clinics, tournaments and training sessions held abroad every month offer the unique opportunity for Marbella brands and services to be seen and known in Europe and Mexico through our training and clinics.

Padeldise. Marbella may not have seen the birth of padel, but it sure has taken a great part being the cradle of this sport.  The difference between our approach and regular sponsoring proposals?  We are committed to providing competitive advantages to our sponsors:  our digital platforms, media channels and dedicated, customized and carefully crafted appearances where our athletes will become part of your team does make a landmark in sponsoring.